Over the past several months, BB&T has announced the retirement of several members of the Executive Management team to occur during 2016. President of Branch Banking & Trust Ricky K. Brown, Chief Marketing Officer Steven B. Wiggs and Chief Corporate Communications Officer Cynthia A. Williams take with them distinguished careers and years of experience. Their achievements have strengthened our organization and broached new opportunities for us.

While their contributions will be missed, the departures highlight the importance of BB&T’s philosophy. We know our business will, and should, experience constant change. Change is necessary for progress. We recognize and embrace this truth. To manage and succeed in a world with continual change, BB&T is a mission-driven organization with a clear vision and constant set of values. Our philosophy encourages our associates to have a strong sense of purpose, a high level of self-esteem and to think clearly and logically.

Preparation for the Future

From the moment our associates join BB&T, our philosophy, vision and values are preparing them for more responsibility and leadership. We as an organization plan for the future and part of that planning is for leadership succession throughout BB&T. As a result of that preparation and planning, we recently announced several key officers with exceptional knowledge and skills ready to join our Executive Management team.

“As outstanding leaders with proven track records, David H. Weaver, Jim D. Godwin, Brant J. Standridge, and Dontá L. Wilson are excellent additions to our Executive Management team,” said Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Kelly S. King. “David will assume leadership for the Community Bank. Jim will support Chief Risk Officer Clarke Starnes with effective risk management practices, building on our team’s commitment to the long-term strength and stability of BB&T. Brant will support our successful diversification strategy, leading the array of businesses included in the Specialized Lending and Dealer Financial Services segments, and Dontá is well-suited to build upon our 144-year-old history of serving clients in an exceptional way.” He will lead our Enterprise Marketing, Sales and Client Experience Group.

Our history and record of success demonstrate our philosophy, mission and values form the foundation for future leadership and success. Our proactive succession planning ensures that we always have strong, capable leadership committed to helping you achieve a brighter financial future.


David. H. Weaver

David. H. Weaver

Brant Standridge

Brant J. Standridge

Jim Godwin

Jim D. Godwin

Dontá Wilson

Dontá L. Wilson