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We’re all living through uniquely uncertain and challenging times. Truist is, and always will be, here to support you and your business. As part of that commitment, we invite you to our video series, Inspired Business.

In this heartening and informative four-part series, bestselling author and business consultant Jon Gordon shares practical and positive lessons for overcoming the challenges posed by COVID-19 and the uncertainty surrounding it.

Episode 1: Positive Leadership in Uncertain Times

In a discussion with Truist’s Chief Digital and Client Experience Officer Dontá Wilson, Jon Gordon shares his insights for successful business ownership during COVID-19 and the importance positive leadership can play.

Episode 2: Positive Connections

Gordon talks with Truist’s Chief Human Resources Officer Kim Moore-Wright about strategies to help bring your staff together during COVID-19 and how these strategies will help your business now and in the future.

Episode 3: The Client Experience

Discover new ways to use positive leadership to rebuild your client base and how you may create an even closer relationship with your customers. Jon Gordon lends his expertise in a conversation with Truist’s Head of the Corporate and Institutional Group Beau Cummins.

Episode 4: Q&A Session

Gordon and Oscar Santos round out our Inspired Business Interviews series with a thought-provoking discussion about positive leadership in difficult times.

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