Ralph Borrello

Ralph Borrello

Welcome again to BB&T Wealth’s magazine and digital communication platform, BBTPerspectives.com. As I’m sure you are aware, BB&T is in the midst of one of the most exciting chapters of our long and successful history. In February, BB&T and SunTrust announced a proposed merger of equals expected to close in the fourth quarter of this year. Prior to legal closing, BB&T and SunTrust will operate as separate companies. We share this to underscore our commitment to transparency and personalized banking services for you and your family. To ensure a seamless transition, you should be working with the same advisor team over the course of this transition. Following the completion of the merger of equals, we fully expect you will benefit from the best of both banks as it relates to services, products and technologies.

As evidence of that continuing effort to improve technology, we introduce our first digital-only edition of our popular magazine, BB&T Perspectives. Just as we are offering you more value-added products and services, BBTPerspectives.com allows us to offer ever-improving communications.

This issue features BB&T Wealth client Jack Cassell. Jack epitomizes the leadership and drive that are characteristic of so many of our clients. He also demonstrates how important a strong set of values, commitment to family and giving back to his community are to living a life with purpose.

In fact, Jack is a good example of a leader who understood his leadership purpose. Bright Dickson, from The BB&T Leadership Institute, shares her article, “Finding Your Leadership Purpose,” for those of you interested in finding yours. Don’t miss the link to the institute’s new magazine.

Recognizing many of you are business owners, we’ve also included “Three Things Business Owners Can’t Afford to Ignore,” by Thomas Newman, who shares insights about key agreements with business partners that will help you ensure your business thrives well into the future, and “Keeping Your Business’s Retirement Plan On-Track,” by Phillip Long, who offers actions business owners can take to ensure their employees thrive even after retirement.

Finally, don’t miss Kelly King’s interview with one of the most inspiring leaders you’ll ever meet, Manny Ohonme in our “Profiles in Leadership” series. Manny shares his story about growing up in Nigeria and how he became a world-renowned businessman, author, speaker, philanthropist and social entrepreneur.

We created these articles and several others to offer information, education and inspiration, which we hope improve your life. Thank you for allowing us to continue serving you.

Ralph Borrello
Manager, Wealth Division