By Katie McElveen

Three women enjoying ice cream together

Culinary adventures often can be the highlight of travel, so plan your next trip around cities with guaranteed-delicious meals.

The world’s food scene has never been more exciting. In fact, it poses a nagging question for travelers in search of great culinary experiences: where to go next? Here’s a glimpse at some of the most satisfying food destinations.


Tagliatelle al Ragù which is a fresh egg pastaTaste the freshness in Bologna

For many Americans, hearty Bolognese is the pinnacle of Italian cuisine, and nowhere does it shine brighter than in this town in Northern Italy. But don’t stop there. Tortellini, lasagna, mortadella and Parmesan cheese also hail from this region.
Essential Experience: Carb load at A Balùs, where perfect renditions of Bolognese specialties are served in an elegant brick-walled space.

ribs on the grillEmbrace the char in Austin

All over Austin, pit masters have turned smoking brisket, pork and beef ribs into the messiest—and most delicious—of art forms. Even better, chefs are just as handy with a skillet as they are with a smoker, turning out creative sides that range from grilled corn topped with Mexican crema to blue cheese coleslaw and bourbon-spiked banana pie.


dead fish on iceCrave the cutting-edge cuisine of Copenhagen

Ground zero for the New Nordic food movement, Copenhagen chefs continue to transform the region’s humble ingredients—foraged berries and plants, moose, smoked fish—into culinary marvels.

Essential Experience: Noma, with its seasonal menu, is often called the best restaurant in the world.


building with customers eating outside with colorful lights and palm trees all aroundExperience colorful combinations in Miami

Using the world as their cookbook and Florida as their market, a spate of talented, Michelin-starred chefs has transformed Miami into a true foodie destination complete with sleek, celebrity-filled spaces. Variety rules; you’ll find the big flavors of trendy Asian-Latin fusion as well as pristine sushi and ceviche, comforting Cuban and fresh Florida seafood available for nearly every budget.


Variety of French Cuisine behind glassIndulge in Paris

Whether it’s a buttery croissant, a creamy café au lait, an oozy wedge of perfectly ripe Camembert—or a seven-course dinner that delivers delicious drama with every bite—Paris never fails to deliver on culinary perfection.

Essential Experience: The polished service, elegant décor and classic French fare at Epicure, the three-Michelin-star restaurant in Le Bristol, a luxury hotel.

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