Honoring Heritage, Building a Better Future

At the time the proposed merger of BB&T and SunTrust was announced, senior leaders were already asking a critical question. As two businesses with shared values and rich histories become one, how do you leverage that common ground and convey the new enterprise will be even better?

Brand teams at BB&T and SunTrust, along with global branding agency Interbrand, engaged with hundreds of BB&T and SunTrust associates and thousands of clients and prospective clients to create the answer: Truist.

While you may have heard the name, we want to give you a glimpse into the multi-month effort to choose it and why we’re excited about becoming Truist.

The Naming Process

After months of research with stakeholder groups and review of brands in and outside the financial industry, Interbrand and the brand teams used their creativity and experience to generate thousands of potential names. They then narrowed the list to names that reflected our future vision and were differentiating and appealing. Additionally, they weeded out names the new bank couldn’t legally own.

Once the list of high potential names was generated, a three-phase research, testing and analysis process began.

  1. First, determine the name that evokes the most positive reactions. Truist rated highest.
  2. Next, determine which name best represents attributes the new company will stand for, such as trust, honesty, genuineness and doing good. Truist was the best performer.
  3. Finally, assess each brand on critical characteristics. Is the name distinctive? Is it memorable? Is it appealing? Is it a good fit with our brand strategy? Again, Truist landed in first position and was the only brand name that delivered on all four traits.

Standing for Better

A name is the shortest expression of what a company will stand for and its brand. Together with SunTrust, we’ve found a name that recognizes our rich histories of trust, transparency and honesty with our clients, while also conveying our shared belief in the relentless pursuit of better – better experiences, better technology, better partnerships, better communities and, ultimately, a better future.

While the Truist brand gives us the foundation to build this vision on, we’ll continue to deliver on the values, strategies and commitment to our clients, associates and communities that got us here.

Going forward, our plan is for Truist to be a different kind of organization, one with combined resources to invest in our clients and communities on a much larger scale. Stay tuned – we can’t wait to share more.

The transaction between BB&T and SunTrust to form Truist is subject to regulatory approvals. BB&T and SunTrust remain separate and independent companies until the transaction closes. Truist is not yet an existing entity. Any references to Truist are in anticipation of potential regulatory approval and closing.