You may have noticed our market commentary production has expanded. Receiving meaningful economic and investment insights and analysis was especially helpful during the initial stages of the global pandemic. Our clients and advisors can now rely on a new team within Truist Wealth to keep informed of macroeconomic and market expectations: The Investment Advisory Group (IAG). This group brings together in-house economists, market and investment strategists, and research analysts to provide a unified house view. In addition to the significant thought leadership and market coverage, IAG now provides investment strategy guidance and investment manager due diligence for Truist Wealth.

“We strive to help clients achieve their financial goals by providing unique investment insights, compelling strategies and actionable guidance,” said Chief Investment Officer, Ernie Dawal, CFA. “Our strategists and analysts are accessible by Truist Wealth teammates and provide expertise as an extension of clients’ service teams.”

In addition to your advisor drawing on enhanced experience and capabilities, perhaps the most immediate benefit to you of these combined resources is IAG’s ability to produce even more frequent and timely commentaries.  In fact, you may have noticed already an increase in the depth and breadth of information shared on under the Market Insights tab. If not, we invite you to take a look and explore the site today.

To help you take full advantage of this resource, we’ve organized this new commentary into more well-defined and accurate category titles. Here’s what you’ll find in each section:

Market Navigator (monthly)

Market Navigator is IAG’s flagship publication. It provides monthly insights including house views, asset-class positioning, U.S. and global economic snapshots, charts on the economy, equities, fixed income, and graphical commentary addressing timely market topics.

Market Perspective

Market Perspective provides timely insights into current market events and explains what the latest events might imply for your portfolio and your investment decisions.

Economic Commentary

Economic Commentary provides a take on the most recent U.S. economic events, indicator releases, and policy developments. These events are put into context of our projections and market views to see the practical implications of the economic moves.

Fixed Income Perspective

Fixed Income Perspective provides key fixed-income insights into current rates, credit trends, and a “Bottom Line” section summarizing key takeaways.

Global Perspective

Global Perspective provides a view of the latest global economy and market events.

Market Pulse (weekly)

Market Pulse provides a view of last week’s market events and timely topic snippets.

Special Commentary

Special Commentary provides a take on unique global or national events and developments. These events are put into context of our projections and market views to see the practical implications they may have on your portfolio, financial markets and the economy.